We’ve developed an approach that works for most projects, however we’re extremely flexible so if you only need a certain part of what we do, or would like to work in a different way, that’s no problem.

One of Penny’s master drawings.

A planting plan for a sensory garden.

Initial meeting

We begin with a meeting to introduce myself and my services, to have a look around your garden and to discuss your requirements.

Proposal and Fees

Following the initial visit I’d produce a design proposal detailing the stages involved and the relevant fees.

Site Survey and Analysis

Once you’ve engaged us we’ll do a site survey and analysis of your garden. This includes taking measurements, levels, soil samples from various areas of the site, and noting the location of all existing structures.

The survey drawing not only acts as a helpful discussion point but is an essential base for the new designs.

Initial Design Ideas

We’ll draw up initial ideas, possibly create a mood board and use these to review ideas with you. When we have a route ahead we’ll make final drawings.

Master Plan

The Master plan is drawn up with the final design and this includes details on hard landscaping, features, and planting areas.

Planting Plans

Once the master plan has been agreed a planting plan can be designed that works in harmony with the conditions of your garden. It’s drawn to scale and includes details of the plants latin names.

Plant Sourcing

Based on the planting plan we’ll arrange the sourcing and delivery of the plants, ready for planting.

Get in touch

    Penny will usually aim to contact you within 24 hours.